An orca is way too big to attach unless as a jpeg

Pamphlet published by SPAM Press, 6th June 2019.

"Exploring the existential dislocations of material culture alongside the invasive, affective recursions of pop relics (‘found it in a hopeless place, / did we, did we fuck’), An Orca Is Way too Big does the light work of a jpeg compression while keeping in mind the charismatic megafauna of its subjects. (…) Nature and technology coexist in moments of occasional chiastic sublime (‘the sun was data transmitting’), and the ‘I’ is a kaleidoscope of cravings, rituals and observational tendencies; turning a page is genuinely like clicking refresh or adjusting the brightness of your screen." – Maria Sledmere, SPAM Press

“The pamphlet’s second poem, ‘The days we were well socialised’. can be read as an indictment of a deliberately vague, ineffectual middle-class generosity: “we sent novelistic emails / to our amazing volunteers”, “we trademarked our spelling of hummous”. Nothing is being achieved, and so the poem begs the question of who has the means — both in terms of time and money — to write “novelistic emails” or enjoy “days off / of which there were many”. – Joanna Lee, The Poetry Review

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