Performore! was my last ever (?) performance. As such, what else could it do but engage with an expanded understanding of the medium, investigating how this notion frames artistic production under neoliberalism. Under the guise of a corporate training for artists, Performore! drew on the tools of the capitalist workplace in order to exhaust them and expose their redundancy. Led by two belligerent performers / self-appointed HR trainers the performance cycled through animal-fronted psychometrics, managerial mantras and spectacular use of fruit.

The piece took it upon itself, perhaps in vain, to problematise the accelerationist adage that the future has already happened and the only cure appears to be more of the same. Safe to say, I was so exhausted by all this, I don't know if I ever attempt anything live ever again. Thank you, and so long.


Commissioned by Present Futures and performed with Annie Lowry Thomas at CCA Glasgow on 8th June 2019.

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