‘A Collection of Miniature Pigs’ is an experimental multi-form work for live audiences and the radio. Consisting of sound, speech, music and movement, the performance weaves together waking and dream material to unpack how power structures are communicated through unconscious social messages.

In the dream material of the show, the figure of a ‘violent, aggressive, unpredictable, slow-murder-under-the-surface-seething guy’ makes frequent appearances, pointing to the social mechanisms which underpin violence against minoritized genders (cis and trans women, transmen and non-binary people). ‘A Collection of Miniature Pigs’ explores these hauntings emerging from a stream of (un)consciousness, and how to resist the violences they are a symptom of.

The performance is be a combination of scripted and non-scripted communication. Its range of interventions spans a casio synth, movement, bowed guitar, drumkit, violin, a conversation, drummed guitar and field recordings. It was first performed in its entirety as part of Radiophrenia Live-to-Air Broadcast's at CCA Glasgow on the 22nd of August 2023.

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